Ciutat Vella


Despite its name, Ciutat Vella is one of the most lively and varied districts in Barcelona. The serenity of its hidden corners, dark and narrow streets, and almost haunted squares breathe life and diversity. In Ciutat Vella you can follow in the footsteps of ancient Romans, pray in Gothic churches reaching for the sky, stroll through the palaces built by the businessmen back from the colonies for their mistresses, follow the trail of the great Modernista architects and enjoy the most contemporary cultural offering in the city in the El Raval neighbourhood. You can bring ancient professions back to life through street names and even relive the passion of the great artists, from the painter Pablo Picasso to the flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya. Because Barcelona is cosmopolitan and elegant, bourgeois and modern, but it has not lost its essence, of the port and scoundrels, ancient and decadent, that you can still feel in the streets of Ciutat Vella, the first district, where it all started.